wine corks for sale

hi ladies- i have hundreds of wine corks i am trying to get rid of. they would be great placecard holders, decor, etc. selling for 10 cents a piece or best offer.

Re: wine corks for sale

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    If you don't get any buyers you can take them to Whole Foods where they'll be recycled.

    We collect our wine corks, too, but I've been keeping them for some project.  I don't know what yet, but when I find something cool (other than the normal corkboard or trivet) I'll be ready!
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    Are they full corks or cut in half?  We were thinking of using corks cut in half for  our seating cards. 

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    Wine corks are great for wall decor if you get a shadow box frame fill it with wine corks then you can get those wall stickers that say something like live, love, laugh or whatever you prefer and stick that to the front of the glass, then hang it on the wall. A little different then your normal wall art
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    Hello - are you wine corks still available? I need 300 that are 1-3/4"h and that have a blank back (an area to put a stamp) - Let me know; thanks!
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    Would you (or anyone in the Denver area) have wine corks still available? I need them asap. 


  • Do you still have the wine corks?
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