Has anyone used Whole Foods Cherry Creek for their flowers? Please let me know what your experience was...

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    I have best friend used Whole Foods for her flowers, but that was down in Orlando.  Her flowers were absolutely beautiful though and the customer service was superb!  I definitely would recommend them based on her experience.
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    i would think that an actual farmer's market would have better flowers

    the only thing i've gotten from whole foods is that they're horribly overpriced!
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    My bestie got her cake from whole foods and it was NO GOOD. The cake tasted good, the service was bad, and the cake drooped in less than an hour.

    I looked into the floral as well and it was just too pricy for my blood. I have a $600.00 budget for flowers so I just went with a less expensive florist.

    Also I just was at the dentist and there was a article on "What white people like in Colorado" and Whole foods was ranked 11 :) So silly
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    I ended up using the silk flowers and they looked amazing, and I only spent a little bit over $100.00 bucks for all my flowers. That was my flowers, my 6 BMS, 8 GRM, and all the parents flowers.
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    I think it depends on which store you use. I have used the one in Cherry Creek for my friends wedding flowers (she trusted me to do them for her) and they turned out awesome. But I think it depends on what florist person you get there. It's definately a more affordable option though.
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