Newbie here!

Hi everyone! I am in the process of trying to figure out a reception venue and I am overwhelmed and breaking out in hives ;-)
We are on a budget (of course!) but trying to find a nice place since I have my entire family coming from out-of-state. I have to show off beautiful Colorado but keep it easy to find!
Any recommendations or comments on any of these places? I have appointments or trying to get appointments at all of them:
The Fransiscan Event Center
Terrace Gardens at Ken Caryl
Terrance Gardens at Dove Valley
Crystal Rose
Pines at Genesee
Christies of Genesee
Mount Vernon Event Center
Mount Vernon Country Club

Advice please anyone for an overwhelmed newbie!!! :-)
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Re: Newbie here!

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    JessieR933JessieR933 member
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    welcome, sorry I haven't been to any of them.
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    welcome and happy planning!

    everyone on here has some great advice to hand out!
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    brew311brew311 member
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    We only looked at 2 venues: Christie's and Stonebrook Manor (in Thornton).

    The view from Christie's is ABSOLUTELY amazing.  The only reason we didn't choose it was hotels were too far away (we got a lot of partiers in our bunch), plastic chairs are not our thing, and it seemed a little small.  At the time we were thinking 100 ppl and that barely fit their main room.  Since our guest list exploded (see siggy, thanks to FMIL), I'm very glad we picked SBM. 

    The Crystal Rose is right by my mom's condo and from the outside, I don't really like it.  But we never went inside, so who knows what it's like.  Good luck hunting!


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    HeywhitneyHeywhitney member
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    Congratulations!  Are you looking to show off the mountains and foothills?  I would try Willow Ridge Manor in Morrison.  I called them when I was looking for a venue and thought they were pretty reasonable.

    Red Rocks Amphitheater is a good choice too and I heard that they can work with a budget.

    Evergreen Lake House is good for budgets, but it's often a deal breaker for people because all you get for the rental is the place and I think some tables and chairs. I have seen some gorgeous pics from there though!

    The only place that you are seeing that I've been too is Mt. Vernon Country Club.  It was ok, but I thought had really dated and dark decor.  The views are beautiful but I thought the wooden deck they have people get married on was really scraped up and in bad shape for a wedding.  Plus they charge per chair for set up... I didn't like that at all.

    Have fun!  I had a great time finding a venue!  Good luck with your decision!
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    mizjodimizjodi member
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    The Fransiscan Event Center haven't been
    Terrace Gardens at Ken Caryl nice, but not much for scenery. Surrounded by office buildings
    Terrance Gardens at Dove Valley haven't been
    Crystal Rose we visited Lookout Mtn, and Robin's Nest. Went to a wedding at Lookout Mtn. We weren't terribly impressed. Nice GM though! DJ wasn't that great, and the sound really sucked depending on where you sat
    Pines at Genesee REALLY liked this space: beautiful and spacious! They just got ruled out due to not being flexible if my df were to get deployed before the event date
    Christies of Genesee small, but nice enough
    Mount Vernon Event Center am in communication with them right now,just ave to set up an appointment
    Mount Vernon Country Club haven't been

    HTH! And congrats!
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    jesmarz80jesmarz80 member
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    Stonebrook Manor looks beautiful! Are you geting married there? The pricing looks REALLY good, is that what you are finding as you learn more about them? Any more info you could give would be great. Willow Ridge Manor also looks great too! Thanks for the suggestions!!
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    Christie's of Genesee is where we are getting married next month.  The price is amazing, the food is delicious, and the people who work there are totally awesome.  They do so much of the work for you that it REALLY makes planning a wedding that much easier.  They have a capacity of 150 ppl and you can have an indoor/outdoor ceremony with that mountain feel without the mountain price.  With Colorado's weather, it's nice to have a venue that can move your outdoor ceremony indoors should the weather turn (as it typically does here).  The hotels are within 10 min. of the venue, a short and pretty cheap cab ride should people need it.  We can't wait for our consultation on 7/11 to get the nitty-gritty on how our wedding day will flow! 
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    hello there
     Ive read about some of this venues in my sites book.... but what are you actually looking for in a venue??? My fian and I are in the same boat, were having about 95% of our guests from all over the US.... Maybe we can help eachother out!!!!!!Laughing IM Jamie.... and Congrats WERE BRIDES TO BE!!!!!!!
    Congrats to all my fellow brides to be!!!!!! WERE ENGAGED!!!!
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