10 days to go and no hair!

My hairdresser officially cancelled today, she's been in the hospital a week.  She called and cancelled the hair trial I was to have last week...but I had hoped she would still be able (wishful thinking I know).

So, I have no hair stylist and can't afford to pay most prices (she was going to do me, my 5 maids, 2 moms and 2 grandmas for a very reasonable price).  Does anyone have any recomendations for someone cheap and available on short notice?  I'm trying not to freak but this is really getting me close...

Re: 10 days to go and no hair!

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    Perhaps my friend Sam will help you out, she did a fantastic job for us! Email her! What's your date? I'll tell you her you're emailing

    Even if she can't she said she'd give you some good recs. I'm so sorry about this!
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    I've had my hair cut and colored by a couple different people at Shear Productions in Belmar in Lakewood.  They probably do wedding hair, although maybe not for cheap.  Their number is 303.934.5700.
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