Finally Friday

Oh gosh, I'm SO over this week!

I'm ready for sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Anything fun planned? Any adventures? Did anyone stay up to watch the Royal Wedding?

I got up early and caught the tail end. I can say that I didn't really like her dress and I would've chose something more modern for each their own!

okay, happy Friday
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Re: Finally Friday

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    wallacjewallacje member
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    I agree.  Sleep would be awesome.

    I DVR'd it, doubt I will watch it though.  I did see her dress and I agree I could see her in something more modern.  I honestly thought it was blah!

    E-Pics tomorrow, hoping for no rain or at least not a lot of it.
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    I loved her dress, thought she looked stunning.  Perhaps she would've chosen something different (more modern) if she could've chosen whatever she wanted, but I thought she did great given the parameters within which she had to work.

    Hope you have good weather for your epics tomorrow, wallacje.

    Great weekend, all!
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    mizjodimizjodi member
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    NWR: Picking up the boys tonight, and heading to our friend's in Pueblo West! (my PA). Going to have fun and hang out!

    WR: going to get my alterations started tomorrow! Not much really needs to be done, but mostly the bustling. So I have all my accessories and undergarments packed and ready to go right after work!

    Also, I WON THE EARRINGS FROM THE RW BOARD! Was so excited about that!
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