Hi there all, I would love some input on how to go about just having a wedding with cake and punch. Where is a good place for that? Ideas?

Re: Venue.

  • Hi,
    Congrats! You don't give much detail.

    Have you already decided on a ceremony site? Can you do it there so that guests don't have to travel?

    You also don't mention the number of guests or your budget. Both things to take into consideration when scouting for a venue.

    Personally I would look at a park or a restaurant.

    Good luck with your planning and have fun.

  • i was also goign to go with park or restaurant. or somewhere near by your ceremony site

    perhaps if you are having your ceremony at a church-you can do it there
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  • I think we found a place it was the 1st place my FI took me to on our 1st date. PLUS it's FREE!!! :) They will do dessert and we can do the wedding there too.
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