Need help finding a dress for $400-500

hi! I need help finding a salon with more than two dresses for a girl on a small budget. I'm also plus sized to make it harder. I have up to $500 plus $200-300 for alterations in my budget. Need help soon date is 5-20-2012 :/

Re: Need help finding a dress for $400-500

  • Not yet. I've been nervous to go there. They have really bad reviews on yelp.
  • I was nervous when I went there too. I think it depends on when you go.  Don't go on a Saturday and think you're going to get great customer service (which totally sucks to say).  I went on a random Tuesday and I was the only one in the store, pretty good experience. I didn't end up getting my dress there though, it was a close second though.  Also not everyone has the same experience and that goes for any place you go to.

    You could also try Amanda's Bridal and Tux, I saw some good less than $400 priced dresses there too.
  • Thank you! I made an appt at D Anneli for tomorrow then I'll do Amanda and Davies bridal.
  • I would stick to Davids Bridal with a budget. Do the first appointment of the day and then it won't be as busy. My budget was around there and I tried on over 15 and there were plenty more left I could have tried on. 
  • I would try david's bridal or like Amanda's. If you find a dress that'sa little out of your price range though you can try Lots of people seeing their wedding dresses on their. Sometimes they have been worn sometimes they haven't. One of my friends did it and she loved the dress when it came in. All it needed was a good steaming but that was probably from being shipped.
        Also it sounds corny, but go up and down federal there are tons of dress shops. They are meant more for quincera's( sorry if it's spelled wrong), but they also have wedding dresses in alot of these stores. I had no idea until my FMIL took me down there to look. I didn't get anything from those places but they had some pretty dresses.
  • Thats a great idea. It's so hard walking in somewhere and feeling idk what poor or dumb to prices with a small budget.
  • David's Bridal in Westminster. I first went to a David's in a different location, and it was AWFUL. But the one in Westminster was good. It won't be Say Yes to the Dress style service by any means but if you keep your expectations low you might be happy. They have a huge range of dresses, from $99 (I thought they all looked and felt cheap, btw) to lovely $400+ dresses. Ask for Bonnie. She was great.
  • I had amazing service at Amanda's Bridal (Leah is fantastic), and while my dress was a little over your budget (under $1000 though) I think they'll have something you would like.  They have a lot of variety.

    I also shopped at David's Bridal in LoneTree and while I didn't find The Dress there, the shopping experience was just fine and I went  back for bridesmaid dress shopping.  From what I've heard I would avoid getting alterations done there, though.
  • Go to the DB in Westminister. My first experience with dress shopping was't that great.  I ordered my dress there and when it came it, it didn't fit. Bonnie helped me out the second time, she felt just terrible that my first time there hadn't gone well. She went so above and beyond, she gave me that kind of experience you hope you'll get. I felt terrible for her though, she had me and another bride, both of us had the same sales woman before and both of our dresses had been ordered wrong. Bonnie never flinched at trying to make it right. Also Nicole, I think she is the store manager is wonderful. So give it a shot you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Thank you! Going to d'Anneli tonight, Davids tomorrow and Amanda's Saturday or Monday. Hoping for good things :)
  • There is also a place called The Altar which is on Colfax in Lakewood that is a resale/consignment place. They had a bunch of different sizes and they had some decent prices. Some are samples - not all are used dresses.

    Good luck and Sample Sales are also another idea (I bought one and I am not a small girl).
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    Amanda's doesn't do appointments (which is actually kind of nice, you can go whenever) but there would be less of a wait on a weekday. That said, when I went for my second time it was Saturday, and I only waited for 20 minutes, so it wasn't so bad.
  • I agree with Skantrowitz, Leah at Amandas is phenominal. I got my dress there for $375 including alterations and couldn't have been happier with their service and selection
  • Amanda's was great. My consultant seemed to get bored because I had a panic attack. It's so stressful picking THE dress and I wasn't ready for that. but I found two at david's I really loved.
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