Freaking Out!!

I am a destination bride, I live in Atlanta and am getting married in Breck.  I have already booked my ceremony/reception with Vail Resorts. I had seen pretty good feedback on one of their locations, so I thought I was safe to book with them.  Yesterday I read a rant from another knottie about Breckenridge Hospitality, which I just learned is the same company as Vail Resorts. Other knotties commented that they are a wedding house and they don't care about their brides....... I am so nervous- anyone have positive feedback on Cat Ambros and Vail Resorts?

Re: Freaking Out!!

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    No advice to help you, but I would remember that people love to complain and for every one complaint about that company there are thousands of girls NOT complaining.  I would maybe just call the resort and talk to your coordinator about your fears.
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    I agree with Kelly, someone always finds Something to complain about. Look up reviews to your specific location. If there are more good then bad then you will probably be alright. A lot of the people that complain are probably bridezillas and nothing could have been good enough
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    Haha, thanks ladies.  Prior to that one review everything I saw was positive, but when someone called my location a "wedding factory" I got nervous!!  No one complained about their actual event, so I think I will be ok. The location is beautiful and my DJ is highly recommended, so I think we will all have fun and that is what really matters to me!!
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