So Saturday

we're still on?

The Cherry Cricket doesn't take reservations, so I'll get there early

Should I make a sign or something? Name tags? Because, last time, I just went up to someone and asked if they were there for the GTG


5:30pm, Cherry Cricket, Saturday, bring FIs/DH's if you want (mine doesn't want to come for some reason), etc, etc, etc.

questions? comments?

stay warm today :-)
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Re: So Saturday

  • mizjodimizjodi member
    edited December 2011
    I'd say just let anyone at the hostess stand know; that's what I did last time, just asked if anyone else was there yet :)

    We have the boys, so df can't come again anyhow :) and I'm 98% sure I'll be able to make it :)
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  • JessieR933JessieR933 member
    edited December 2011
    FI and I will probably be there!
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