Just wanted to share my review on The Golden Hotel

The Golden Hotel left me disappointed and wishing we choose somewhere else. The food is horrible! Over cooked, dry, and over priced. They had made the cake and told me they have made wedding cakes time and time again. When it came out it was a plan sheet cake. The worst cake I've ever seen or eaten. WTF? The band in the lounge no showed which was the entire reason I planned a cocktail hour there. The front desk staff is rude. They lost the shoes to my husbands tux rental and said it was not thier problem. Lastly DO NOT book a block of rooms. They will over charge you by 50 plus dollars. Make sure and check online rates they will be much cheaper. If you book through the room block the will refuse to change the rate for you once you are there. All around this place is not worth the stress!       

Re: Just wanted to share my review on The Golden Hotel

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    lol! Great Post!  Aaah, The Golden Hotel.

    Yeah, I shot a wedding there.  I was seated to have my plated dinner with the guests. When my meal arrived, I had had to chase it down, kill it and serve it it's last rights.  LOL!

    The dinner was some sort of steak that the hotel didn't even bother to put it on the grill. The guests at my table were literally gagging when they saw it bleeding all over my plate.

    Needless to say the guests and myself would have been much better off bringing in Subway.

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    We had been looking there originally.  Thank goodness we crossed it off the list... although our big issue was that the ceremony overlooked the parking lot... because that's the view every bride dreams of!

    But thank you for sharing!  I definitely feel better about the decision we made now!
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    I had my wedding there at the end of January. They lost some of my stuff I brought in for the wedding. They are combative, rude, and I am disappointed. The steaks we had for dinner we undercooked and to be put back on the grill, including mine. I never really got to enjoy my food. The got the groom's name wrong on cards for bottles of champagne that went into each guest's room that stayed at the hotel the night of our wedding. I made cards so they wouldn't have to and they went ahead and made there own using the wrong name for the groom. It was embarrassing. We met with the "professional wedding coordinator's" boss to voice our concerns. We were told that they would follow up and look for the items they couldn't find. Instead, our concerns were shrugged off. They told us they mailed some of our missing items a while ago and should have received them by now. We didn't even know they found some of our stuff. I emailed them for an update, they did not contact me first.... My husband and I really liked the area and the view was great; we were able to have the ceremony outside. What made our wedding was our family friends, and the great vendors we brought in.
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