Humor me but WHAT...

in the world does it mean when a fee is $25-60+ Site fee.

Is that per person? If so, why doesn't it say it?

See a reference here.

Re: Humor me but WHAT...

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    I've never seen that before.  But I didn't do a lot of extensive venue research.  But it does seem like that is the per person rate + venue fee.  I'd call them to see exactly what they're talking about.



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    it seems to me that it can cost anywhere from $25 (the minimum) to $60 (the max) per person

    plus an additional venue fee-for rental of the space
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    In the sites and services catalog, that number refers the per person price of feeding your guess, and then there is a venue rental fee on top of that.
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    thank you all so much!
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