Colorado wedding/weather questions

My sister is looking at a DW in Colorado--right now Aspen or Colorado Springs.

She wants a winter wonderland wedding but wants an outdoor ceremony.  Like maybe late afternoon (3:00?) in December or possibly March (I'm pushing for March but she wants December).  If there is snow on the ground, that would be preferable.

My question is--other than it being slightly crazy--is it possible?  What would the temperatures be on a clear sunny day in Colorado in December?  Do people do outdoor weddings in the winter--by that I mean, is it the norm?

I'm not sure where to start in helping her.  She is looking at 25-50 guests and right now has inquiries into Little Nell and the Broadmoor hotel.  I am sure there are obvious things I should be thinking of to tell her, but living in Texas, I can't really think of what those should be.

Re: Colorado wedding/weather questions

  • i think you are pushing your luck in december and march-which are the 2 snowiest months here in colorado

    you want a clear sunny day? try may...sorry to say

    the broadmoore is GORGEOUS rain/sun/snow though-i was up there during a snow storm, it is SO beautiful
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  • Ahhh thanks.  The funny thing is, she would be more likely to get a clear crisp day here in Dallas in December probably!  Just without the snow.  But she hates Dallas so I know that is out.

    Also every guest will be traveling--so I assume the weather will be bad for that as well?
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    winter weddings in colorado are indoors b/c we can get 2 inches of snow to 5 feet of snow at any given day in Winter. Dec and March are two heaviest snow months and I know Aspen does not do any weddings outside in the Winter. We start getting snow in mid oct and does not clear up till mid may. My freind did a DW at the Stanely on Halloween and they had to pay alot of estra money to get the walk cleared and area and they had heaters and ice melt down and it was snowing luckily not super hard but everyone was not happy to be outside and it was fridged even with heavy cloaks on. A clear day in CO can pretty much be guaranteed only in June and up to mid July and then dependng on location rains happen alot in afternoon through fall and rain then turns into snow in oct till mid may.  

    Broodmoore highly likely will not allow an outdoor wedding in winter-there are so many issues with that idea. My freind had to sign alot of contracts and statements that if anyone got hurt the place was not liably-slipping and falling, ice, snow, ice falling from trees and roofs, snow drifts, shoes on wet icy cement,....pretty much all guests had to sign a form before being allowed on premise to attend the wedding-it was a hassle and her parents had to get insurance for the wedding to take place outside in Oct in CO. 

    I would not reccomend-an indoor wedding with big windows looking out into the snow and then taking pics outside would probably be the best bet if she wants winter wedding

    that is what my other freind did-she had a new years eve wedding last year in a barn opened the big barn doors for the ceremony for the snow and we got some great winter/snow shots outside and everyone stayed warm and dry for the most part. It was a blast we had a snow ball fight and then could go back into warmth
  • Ditto what Erin said.

    The weather here is so unpredictable during those months. There's never a guarantee of snow in Colorado Springs. Some years the kids are riding bikes on Christmas day out in the streets!  I'm still chancing it and planning a 12/21/13 wedding myself, but it's going to a small indoor church wedding with just 25-30 people. Guests are 90% local. Reception place is undecided. Either catered to the church reception area or dinner at a restaurant nearby. That doesn't mean we can't go outside for some great photos if the weather is cooperating, but we just won't know that until the moment arrives! 

    I also don't know if anyone would agree to try to put on an outdoor wedding that time of year. If she's set on snow, Aspen is the better choice. But Aspen would be risky weather-wise. Not to mention transportation from Denver International Airport to Aspen that time of year. Your guests could fly, but it's expensive. If they rent a car on their own and drive to Aspen from Denver I would be concerned about guests driving a rental car on unfamiliar and potentially snowy/icy roads. You could arrange transportation, but you'd have to arrange guests to arrive at the airport close together. That could get tricky depending on weather and where they're coming from.

    Of the two locations, it would be more cost efficient for guests to fly into Colorado Springs. And the Broadmoor is truly lovely. There's no reason why she couldn't have a cozy indoor wedding with a fantastic view. Snow or no snow.
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  • Thanks for all the responses!  Will definitely save this information.  The Broadmoor doesn't have the original date she wanted so not sure what direction she will go now.  I found out she does want a tented ceremony (even found the exact picture of the exact tent) but still outside. 

    I am also trying to get her to do the outdoor ceremony and just dinner somewhere nice in whichever city.  I think the costs are just going to be too much for her otherwise.
  • An indoor ceremony is your best bet for the winter-- we had seventy degree weather two days before eighteen inches of snow this past January. I'd look for a place where an outdoor ceremony is an option if she lucks out, but I wouldn't count on it. It was too cold for my planned outdoor ceremony in Genesee this past May (and snowed during the rehearsal)!
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