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HI ladies!

So I am in a bit of a pickle. My parents are paying for a large portion of the wedding. My fiance's mom contributed, we are paying for the other half and his dad and stepmom are hosting the rehearsal dinner.

Anyone have suggestions on how to word the invitiation? I realize with his parents being divorced and my parents have a different last name then I do, it could be pretty tricky.

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    We have a some what similar situation His parents helped some My dad helped and We are paying some.  Plus you add to that the fact that my mom passed away and my dad has since remarried (I am not super close to her I was 24 when they remarried) we didn't know what to do but we decided to state it as:

    Together with their families
    and Groom
    Request the honor of your presence 
    at their wedding 

    For us this covered our bases and also acknowledges other family that may be helping ie my mom's sister is doing the flowers ect.  I don't know your family dynamics but none of our parents/step mother will be offended at not being personally named on our invite.    Good luck!  
    Ps there is a wording tool on TK that you can use to help you out!! 
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    We are also doing together with their families...

    GL :)
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    My parents bought the alcohol and helped put together a lot of the DIY stuff.  FI's parents are hosting the rehearsal dinner. Other than that, we paid for everything. We worded our invite:


    together with their parents
    Bride's parents
    Groom's parents
    invite you to share in the joy
    when they exchange marriage vows
    and begin their new life together

    Please join us
    For a celebration of love, friendship, laughter and family
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    WE didn't list any family names.  We just said something like please join us for the selebration of X and X Marriage on XX date.

    I did check with my stepmother first, to make sure she wouldn't be offened I wasn't including names. (I already knew my dad and mom wouldn't care and it turned out my stepmom didn't either)...

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