Have you heard of Mt Vernon Country Club?

What are your thoughts on Mt Vernon Country Club not to be confused with Mt Vernon Event Center?  It looks beautiful!

Re: Have you heard of Mt Vernon Country Club?

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    Never heard of it but from the website looks Beauitful. My sister got married in Golden at the Foothills Wedding chapel and had her reception in the basement ( since it was small wedding) but Golden is very Beautiful place.
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    I know we looked in to it but decided it was over our budget. Steve and Jamie were very helpful and friendly, though! 

    Sorry I'm not more help!
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    I looked at having my wedding there.  The views were gorgeous, but the layout of the ceremony on the deck was very bizarre.  They nickle and dime you as far as chair rental and setup despite being expensive to begin with, but the main reason we decided to not go with them was that it was dark and the decor was very dated.

    For the price, the views didn't make up for all the negatives.

    Having said that...I know a bunch of people have gotten married there and LOVED it.  So to each there own and I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful!
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    I also checkedit out. The views were amazing! But the negatives outweighed the view. You do have to look very closely at all the little expenses. They also wanted to throw us in the largest room, it would be very awkward if you couldn't come close to filling it, which means more $$ for decor. Plus, my fiance works 60 hours a week, so I went to most of the venues, and then showed him the top three I really liked. The guy that gave me a tour was kinda rude to me because I went alone. So, we decided to go right up the road to Boettcher Mansion. I am LOVING it so far, working with them has been great!
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    If you like the idea of a country club theres also Red Rocks Country Club in Morrison, its set back up on W. Belleview and most people don't know its there.

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