Vendor Reviews for our May 2012 wedding (Dance Coach & Alterations)

So we actually got married in California but are from here so I wanted to post a couple reviews locally...

Elizabeth Marberry Dance Coach ( - this was some of the best money we spent- we did a group dance lesson (so that H could "try" it) and then signed up for individual dance lessons. My husband has refused to EVER get out on the dance floor with me. I wanted him to dance at our wedding and he nearly refused.  I've danced all my life and had nearly given up on getting my husband on the dance floor- it was the one thing he was most nervous about for the wedding. Elizabeth gave me my dream of a first dance- mostly by convincing my husband he was good at dancing (he is) and gave him the confidence to lead. It was surreal and so much fun.

Elizabeth helped us coreograph a song so that he was comfortable heading out to the dance floor and also taught us a few other dance steps for faster songs. We had such a blast doing our first dance. Elizabeth was very ameniable to changing the steps so they were more "us" and her lowkey approach was what we needed.

The best thing was even on other dances later in the evening we were on the dance floor enjoying each other and our guests. I can garuntee without the dance lessons that would have never happened. We both highly reccomend Elizabeth- it was worth every penny.

Alterations- The Wedding Seamstress in Arvada
Well this is in a little shop in Olde Towne Arvada. The shop is cute and they do make evening appointments. This place is not the fuzzy bubbly kinda place (but I like that). They are quick, to the point, and listen. I just had my dress taken in at the bust and some edits to the bodice. The price was reasonable, the work was done well and when I needed to change the typical timeline (final fitting a couple months before not weeks before) they worked with me on it. They are busy and once or twice I had to wait but it was fine. I'd say they were reasonable, factual, and realistic as to what each alteration would or would not buy for the price. I'd reccomend them but just know they are not there for the "experience" as much as for the task at hand. Be honest with them and ask questions and you'll have a good experience.
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