1/2 Marathon Training....

Hi Fellow Colorado Girls!

SO I know this might be a 'getting in shape' type post but I thought I would ask other women who live in Colorado and understand altitude, weather ect. associated with Colorado/Denver.

That being said I came up with the brilliant idea to sign up for our first half marathon in May.  I told my fiance thinking he would laugh and not be all that into it but Oh man was I wrong!!  He got on the internet and signed right up saying it would be a really fun way to work toward a goal as a team! Sweet and amazing of him I know but now I am wondering where to start...  So have any of you done a training plan for a marathon and what kind of advice might some of you have for us?  We have until May 15th...tons of time I know...Thanks for any advice you may have!! Foot in mouth
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Re: 1/2 Marathon Training....

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    You can do it!  I did my first half marathon in April in Nashville at the Country Music Marathon.  It's tons of fun.  I didn't train all that well and I finished, so if I can do it....anyone can!

    This is the training plan that I tried to follow and know alot of people that have had success with it:

    Good luck!
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    When I trained for a half, I just googled couch to 1/2 marathon and compared training plans.  Some were really aggressive in my opinion (running 4 miles during week 2) and some were great w/ baby steps.  I guess what I'm saying, is it depends what kind of runner you are now vs. how you want to run the race.  If you're a beginner and just want to finish, you're training plan will be different than if you run regularly and want to complete the race in a decent time.

    Either way, good luck!  We (my coworkers and I) tried to do it last year and they all punked out on me, so I gave up too.  Just keep at it!!!


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    I have completed 4 half marathons using the Teams in Training information that I received while raising money for them in 2007.  Please feel free to contact me at wilberta2006 at yahoo dot com if you would like the spreadsheet.
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