guilty pleasure thursday

team edward or team jacob?
you know you love it too

Re: guilty pleasure thursday

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    I will play.  I was on Team Edward when I read the books all the way!  But I think Jacob is much more attractive in the movies.
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    Haven't read the books, haven't seen the movies....but since I'm a wolf fanatic I'd go Team Jacob all the way!  Not a fan of Edward, he looked a lot better and healthier as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter...guess he's really going for that "vampire" look. LOL
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    haven't read the books or seen the movies either, but i like the name edward, so i will go with that.
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  • anilemoanilemo member
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    neither.....i'm team Alice! haha
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    anilemo: My MOH says the same thing!

    I am team Jakeward! LOL! I can't decide! I love the books (have read them all), like the movies (watched all of them so far---went to the midnight showing). I love Edward because he is romantic, strong, intelligent and who Bella is suppose to end up with, and things turn out alright for Jacob. However, after reading the books, I still was a little upset about the things Jacob went through. As for looks...I drool over both of them (even if Taylor Lautner is barely legal)! Wink

  • brew311brew311 member
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    I'll be a cougar and say Team Jacob


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