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Does my Theme clash with my Venue?
Tied down the Space Gallery on Santa Fe which I love, but I'm worried my "Country Chic" theme with mason jars, BBQ and mini chalkboard signs might not work.  Any advice?

Re: venue vs theme

  • i know someone who got married here, let me page them on FB and i will get back to you!!
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  • I am not going to be much of a help here.

    Yes, I think there is a huge juxtaposition in your theme vs. venue. One the other hand, who cares? If you love your venue and your theme, I say go with it.
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    I have a vintage chair rental company. Mismatched vintage chairs might help pull together your theme of country chic.

    I might be able to get in touch with Space Gallery to bring in a few chairs so you can see what it looks like in their space. Feel free to shoot me a message. My email is [email protected]

    a vintage chair rental company in colorado
  • I was by Space Gallery this weekend. I think your theme will work with the venue. The art brings a "natural" artistic feel and your country chic theme will bring a complementary artistic feel. It wouldn't be a country chic type wedding in a barn and it will have a more modern feel to it, but I honestly believey our theme will work with the venue.


  • I think its a perfect amount of country chic and modern -- if done right it will look amazing.  We booked lounge furniture for our venue (white leather) but added plaid accent pillows to country it up a little bit.
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