Just wanted to warn everyone about this company.. Luckily I didn't book my flowers with her because she is very unrelieable.  We had 2 appointments scheduled.  The first she canceled with me thru email saying she was on her way to the airport with her boyfriend because of a family emergency.  Might I add the email was sent 30 minutes before we were to meet.  The second time she just didn't show up or call or even email.  Still haven't heard back from her about why or get an apology for not showing.

On a good note does anyone have any good recommendations for flowers in the Denver area?


  • i'm sorry you had such a bad expereince!! that's horrible!

    there was a thread about a florist a few posts down, HTH
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  • Seriously, great lol. We just set up a time to meet with her next Saturday!. Urgh 
  • She still has not emailed me back from 2 weeks ago!!  I am so confused!  But I wiil say I had a great consultation with Kim from the butlers pantry and she gave me great prices for what I am looking for!  Its her own business her email is [email protected]!  She was referred to me from my venue she doesn't have a website but she is so organized and has great pics to go along with great ideas!! 
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