Calling January Brides

So I am getting married in Denver in January 2011.  We are doing the ceremony and reception in the city on Saturday and then heading to the mts for a week with friends and family.  I have found a couple of wonderful options for the reception (I want a restaurant or something rather than a traditional hotel).  The problem-we can't find a spot for the ceremony!  We aren't members of a church out there (we are living in Chicago now) and it's January so outdoor venues are tricky.  Is anyone having a wedding on a Saturday in January and open to maybe sharing their ceremony set-up.  I will pitch in accordingly for whatever flowers/decor you choose and any extra costs the venue charges for the idea.  Essentially, if you are walking down the aisle at 6, how would you feel about me walking down the same aisle at 5 or 7?  Our ceremony will only take 15-20 min and our guests will be in and out as our reception will follow immediatley after and be off site.  It may help you save cash.  If so, let me know.  I can plan around your day and your decor!


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