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It seems to me that everywhere I look, the prices are outrageous. I want to have a beautiful wedding, but I don't want to have to give an arm, a leg, and my firstborn child. Any reccommedations?

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  • Do you have an idea of what your budget is?
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  • My fiance and I will be paying for most of the wedding ourselves, so the price range I want to stay around for everything is like $3000.
  • I'd think your best bet would be a national park or somewhere up in the mountains to take advantage of the natural beauty.  I'm not familiar with the cost of tent rentals, but that could be a way of having the reception in the same park as the ceremony (or at least having it as a backup just in case the weather doesn't cooperate).
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  • A couple of other ways to cut costs:

    Having the wedding on an unconventional day, like a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Granted your number of yes RSVPs will likely be much lower, but a lot of venues have economy packages if you go with one of those days.

    Doing a cake and punch reception only.  The reception would need to be during a non-mealtime though.  But if you did this, you'd save on catering costs which tend to add up quickly.
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  • $3000 just for the venue?  We are having ours at the Chateaux at Fox Meadows for $2000.  That's the facility fee so it includes all of the rental items.  The prices will vary depending on season and day of the week. 

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  • The art galleries on Santa Fe are reasonably priced. I really liked artwork network and Space gallery
  • I second the Space Gallery. We looked there and LOVED it. The only downfall was it couldn't comfortably fit the size of my guest list, and there was MINIMAL room for a caterer to come in.

    If your budget is $3000 including food, you may need to look at city venues that are fairly cheap, or even free (parks, rec centers) as hiring a caterer (assuming your planning to) will suck up most of the $3000.

    Another way to go is just having a punch/cake reception. Lots of people have those for just a few hundred bucks.

    $3000 is definitely do-able, it all depends on what your willing to sacrifice on.
  • If you are okay with an outdoor wedding, The Stone House in Lakewood is nice and inexpensive.
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    If your willing to travel, there is a ranch in Loveland 1500, you get it for 3 days to set up have wedding and clean up. They Have tables chairs dance floor. Outdoor ceremony indoor reception. You can bring in what ever food drinks and decor you would like. You dont have to go off their vendor list. Its called McC Ranch. It in the foothills of Loveland. Its perfect for a DIY wedding!!
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