Delco Bestie Getting Married- Small venue suggestions

My extremely low maintenance best friend is engaged :)  I'm so excited for her and she is too, but she wants a very intimate wedding.  Her only request is to have a dance with her dad.  All of our girlfriends have had country club or city weddings and she isn't much into wedding planning so is a bit lost on where to start.  I know she doesn't what what I had or what our other girlfriends have had, but I want to help her out.  Any suggestions for spaces in the Drexel Hill area that would be for under 100 people, budget friendly, and low-key?  I'm thinking a restaurant with a nice room and space for a dance floor, maybe an afternoon thing at a country club.  She will have an extremely private ceremony and then just wants to party afterwards :)  Thanks!

Re: Delco Bestie Getting Married- Small venue suggestions

  • Anthony's in Drexel Hill might fit all of that criteria. It seems to be pretty budget friendly, fairly low key (some of the pictures have super fancy flowers but if you do simple centerpieces I think it would look low key), and the food in the restaurant is amazing, so I imagine the wedding food would be great as well!

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    Try the Ballrooms at Boothwyn They are a newer firehall ballroom (I know, I know, firehall...but truly doesn't look firehall at all!) Depending on the time of year it can be extremely budget friendly but you can obviously upgrade. Tim is really nice, so are his brothers. Definitely a familu biz. 2 'ballrooms' and one extra room that is a bit smaller. Another option? Not sure what they call it now, but the old Lamb Tavern (Havertown/Springfield) Looks really pretty, but haven't eaten there in awhile. Another option that we looked at was the William Penn Inn, it's up near Plymouth Mtg. Mall but not a bad drive and prices are good. Will give it some additional thought.
  • The Towne House in Media does weddings.  I was there for an anniversary party and they had a nice private room with a dance floor.  Might be worth a shot! :)
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    We're having our reception at Ballrooms at Boothwyn and we're really excited about it.  It's budget friendly and they're super flexible. Everyone I know who has gone there has raved about it.
    You wouldn't know it's part of a firehouse either-it's a separate building that faces another direction.  It's also beautiful, I've been struck by that each time I've gone.
    Good luck!
  • An option I was considering for a small wedding was Newtown Grill in Newtown Square.  The wine cellar and the Crest Room are gorgeous and if you Google you can see wedding pictures from there of other couple who have gotten married there. 
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    ditto ballrooms at boothwyn! totally doesn't look firehouse!
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