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anyone have any recommendations on lingerie stores in the Denver area?

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    what kind of lingerie? bridal? regular?

    that's a list of store here in denver. HTH
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    There is a store over by Park Meadows Mall.  The name is escaping me right now but I'll try and think of it.

    There's always Fredericks and Victoria Secret.  Nordstroms has some nice lingerie too!

    Good luck!
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    are you looking for bra/corset fitting?  or the more fun stuff?

    for bra fitting i would try sol in cherry creek north.  they're really pricey but IMO nobody will fit you exactly right the way a sol girl can, plus they will actually alter bras and corsets (i didn't even know you could do that.)

    for fun stuff - if you're into victoria's secret you should know about this website,  mjr carries a lot of v/s items that were overstocked, slightly irregular or returned from the catalog.  things are literally a 50-90% off.  (i'm from ohio which has corporate headquarters for victoria's secret, and in college lots of my friends would work at the mjr warehouse over the summers.)  

    just make sure you check the condition if you're buying lingerie, i would NOT want somebody else's lingerie that they returned from a catalog purchase - yuck!!!!
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    Ha!  I've never before imagined the lingerie catalog returns department.  I hope your friends wore gloves. ;)

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