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Last Saturday my Best friend and I went to Amanda's Bridal to get Bridesmaid dresses for each others wedding. (We are lucky we are both getting married so we get to do everything together) We had heard great things about Amanda's so we chose to go there.

The experience was horrible. 

I wear a size 10 but the size 8 dress fit me perfectly up to my chest so I figured either a size 10 or 12 would be good for me. But when I was measured they told me that I needed a size 18! When I objected I was treated very rudely and told that I basically had no clue what  I was doing. I was told that they would alter it from an 18 to fit me. When I still refused they made me try on 2 more dresses first in a 14, which fell off and then in a 12 which was just a tad big.

When I insisted on ordering a 12 (rather be safe than sorry) she was even ruder and insisted that I needed a bigger size, I finally lost it and told her that I was having family do my alterations anyway so they would not make any extra from it, she stomped off to talk to her manager. 

I finally got the dress in a 12 after having to sign a statement that I was ordering against what they were measuring.

EXACT same thing happened with my Best friend, except they tried to put her in a plus size when we can share clothes!

I do not recommend getting dresses here, it was a horrid experience...maybe their bridal people are better though...
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Re: Vendor Review

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    I have had HORRIBLE experiences with Amanda's Bridal in the past myself.  I refused to even CONSIDER going there for my dress or my BM's dresses due to how rudley everyone I know has been treated there in the past.  I have basically boycotted the place for about 10-11yrs!  It sounds to me that the larger size dress was probably more expensive and they were trying to make an extra buck off of you, while making yuu pay more for not only the dress, but to also have it altered (lucky for you, your family can do that for you)!  I can't beleive they tried to get you into an 18, when a 12 (!) was slightly large.  WOW!  I'm sorry to hear about that, they are just not into customer serivce at all it seems. 
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    That's terrible.  When I went there to pick out my gown, they were VERY helpful and nice.  The woman there was beyond patient with me as I tried on and re-tried on dress after dress.  Isn't it amazing that one clerk's behavior can color how an entire establishment is viewed?  Let this be a cautionary tale to all bridal shops (and other shops for that matter) to be sure to treat all your customers well!
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    I bought my dress at Amanda's and had a wonderful experience.  Last year, my MOH got her wedding dress there too.  As far as the bridal experience for both of us, it was great!

    We did run into problems w/ the BM dresses too.  They measured MOH when she was 5 mos preggers and told her to get a 12.  She ended up having her baby premature and got measured again at a 14.  No way in hell that girl is a 14.  Her wedding dress was a 10.

    The problem w/ BM dresses, is that they want you to order for the biggest part of your body.  But they don't refer to the style of the dress.  My BM dresses are slim fitted under the bust and instantly flare out, so if you have big hips, you are still fine with a smaller size.  They fit MOH according to her rib cage (which is ginormous), but then she's smaller in the bust and hips.  She will definitely need alterations.

    Also, one BM is currently in Germany.  When she was home for Christmas, we had her measured and MY consultant (the bridal lady) said she was a 2 or 4.  Then they lost her measurements.  We ended up ordering a 6 based on her German measurements and her dress is also huge on her.  The only BM w/ no issues was the one who fit into the sample size.  So she knew exactly what to order. 

    I'm really displeased w/ my BM dress issues, but honestly LOVED my dress shopping experience there.  So I say, if you're bridal dress shopping at Amanda's, go for it!  If you're BM dress shopping, stay FAR away!


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