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Just wondering if anyone else has put together a schedule yet for their reception?  Just curious at what point you are doing first dance, mother/son and father daughter dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc. 

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    i think a lot depends on each person's wedding, so i won't post mine in detail. but in order to make mine, i just googled "wedding day timeline" and looked at (lots of real bride samples there).  our basic outline is like this:

    5 PM: ceremony
    5:30: cocktails/apps begin, guests find seats at reception, wedding party and family take any remaining pics needed (99% of this is happening before ceremony)
    6:00: reception officially starts, wedding party entrance, food starts. me/fi, immediate family, and wedding party served first. toasts can occur while everyone is seated.
    6:30: dances start - first dance, parent dances, etc. while everyone finishes eating
    7:00: cake cutting

    i feel weird scheduling toasts, but like i said i think it depends on what is going on at your reception, and how many people are doing toasts.  hope that helps!
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    Ours was:
    2-3:30 B&G reveal pics, wedding party pics and a few family pictures
    4-5: Ceremony
    5-6 cocktail hour
    6-7:30: WP intros, B&G intro, First dance, Blessing of the meal then sat down for dinner.
    -Right after dinner was toasts, and father/daughter dance, Groom/mother dance and then a couples dance (to get people out on the dance floor.  we didn't have any single guests there, so it worked out really well.)
    -Dancing for about 30-45 min. 
    -Cake cutting
    -Generations dance
    -open dancing for the rest of the night and then towards the end of the evening we did the bouquet/garter toss. 
    -The boys jumped into the pool
    -last dance and sparkler send off.

    Don't worry too much about timing, and try to micro manage it....Just make sure everything is running smoothly and everything will be fine.
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