Destination wedding in Estes Park-DESPERATE for help!

Hi all! We're planning a wedding at The Stanley Hotel in October 2012. I've been looking for a DJ and can't believe how much they cost!! Every DJ I've spoken to is right at $1000. Does anyone know of any up-and-comers in that will DJ a reception for less? Also, looking for any reviews, suggestions on lower cost bakers and photographers? I feel like we're bleeding money planning this wedding! Any and all suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!!

Re: Destination wedding in Estes Park-DESPERATE for help!

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    As far as DJs go, I would check out A Music Plus.  They are kind of the "big box store" approach to DJs (you fill out a preference form but don't meet your DJ before the wedding), but I've heard great reviews and we're using them for our wedding in Denver.  $595 for five hours.  They might charge extra for travel to Estes though, not sure.

    Bakers...  There are some lower cost options here but another good way to reduce costs here is going with something different like cupcakes, pie, etc.  I know that for the Estes area, I've heard great reviews of Colorado Rose Cake Company.  Not sure about prices.  We're using Teacup Bakery and while I know she would charge some for travel to Estes, her desserts and cakes are amazing.  If you went with cupcakes/cookies/pies you should be able to keep prices to around $5/person with her.  She is also very sweet and a pleasure to work with.  :)  If you really want to save on cake costs and you're not hung up on having a "wedding" cake, you can always order several 8-10 inch cakes and serve them dessert table style.  This should keep costs more around $4/person, even less if you throw a sheet cake in there.  

    Photographers.  I would check out Yellow Paddle (great deals and good reviews), Sarah Joelle (almost went with her for our own wedding--an up and coming photographer), Mark Cowlin (another up and coming and he lists $2000 on his website but might give you a deal for an October wedding--he is awesome and doing our wedding).  

    Good luck!  You are going to have a beautiful wedding.  :)
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    Oh I just saw that Colorado Rose has a great option for the "tight budget" with a simple wedding cake.  They also do sheet cakes to go with a smaller wedding cake (some bakers won't do this).  Their "simply elegant" line is really beautiful and well...  elegant-looking.  :)
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    Thanks girl!!! Much appreciated!!
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    I am using a dj named DJ X he is a great dj.  He has lots of recomendations that can help you and is very affordable.  He did a friend of mines wedding and he played great music!   His email is! 

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    If you're thinking of getting a videographer, I would recommend Visualities Videography.  They are running a 50% off special for all weddings booked before May. That is one thing we were SO glad we did, and the service we received was phenomenal.  They did our wedding, and we received the military discount...although 50% off is better :-P

    Estes is a beautiful place--and the Stanley is a great location! 
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    Nancy Best is great for cakes, she is based out of Laffeyette, but is willing to travel.  She will make the cake to fit your budget no problem.
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