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Hello Denver Peeps!

I know I hardly ever posted here, but I did do a lot of research here when I was planning my weddin' last year.  I've decided I need to pay it forward a bit and review the Wedding Seamstress for those of you planning.  I know this is a novel but I also know a review like this would have saved me a lot of trouble down the road.


So, my experience with the Wedding Seamstress in Arvada was a pretty frustrating one.  I had a couple of alterations (hem, bustle, add cups, bring in the bodice ~1inch) to be done on my wedding dress- none of them complicated and all extensively discussed before they said they could accomplish the desired work.  I am not a very picky person, but I did have one requirement for my wedding dress: that my nipples would not show during the ceremony.  Very bridezilla of me, I know.  But at least I didn’t put any restrictions on the nipples during the reception. ;)


Anyways, the workmanship done was not up to par.  First of all, they never measured me without my clothes: Every measurement they took was over my shirt and jeans or pants.  How this will ever give you an accurate hip measurement, I don’t know. They blamed me every visit for losing or gaining weight.  Worried about their inaccuracy in measurements, I kept a log of my weight, hip and bust measurements.  For the record, I weighed one pound less at my second visit compare with my first (no change in hip or bust measurement) and there was no change between my second and third visit measurements.  Still, the Wedding Seamstress made many comments about my body changing when her alterations didn’t fit.  I don't know about you girls, but really the last thing I need is for someone to talk about my body and all the things I'm doing with my body that mess things up.  Insensitive if what they were saying was true, offensive because what they were saying was false.


Alterations. The simplest alteration of putting in bra cups was not done well: the cups were uneven and the fabric sewn back together sloppily so that an inch of the lining showed looking at the dress from the front. But only on the right side because of the lopsided cup insertion. (Teehee- anyone else find the word "insertion" to be ridiculous?)


At my final (third) appointment, the bodice still had not been taken in nearly enough. The dress was extremely uncomfortable and bunching, yet still did not stay up.  This is an error in engineering- if a dress is this tight, it should stay up.  It may be unbearable but it should at least stay up.


I waited in the shop  as they made several attempts to correct the situation (I didn't want to go home & come back many more times and have to have the same "your measurements are different" argument each time).  They became more and more defensive in explaining away the problem. 


As the dress got more and more uncomfortable with each change they made, I finally gave up, took the dress home, and fixed it myself.   I am not a seamstress, but I was able to fix the dress myself (reshaped the alterations around the bodice so that it was not unbearable to wear AND it stayed up- genius). It is anathema to me that a seamstress would not have a solid handle on how to shape a seam to accomplish form and function.  I figured it out and I am not by any means a sewer or designer.


The hem came out fine if a little short after I had to redo the bodice.  I did like their pricing list- upfront and clear.  The prices ended up as estimated, but not nearly worth the end product to me.  I can't believe they can get away with charging so much money for alterations that looked pretty bad. If you haven't figured it out, this wedding business is a racket.


Alright, that's my $0.02.  Just beware if you are looking for a well-done, ready-to-wear alteration. 

Re: Wedding Seamstress

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    Thanks for the head's up- I was just checking out their site!
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    Wow I'm glad you said something. I was looking at their website as well. Just a questions does anyone out there have a good review for a wedding seamstress?
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    In terms of good reviews, I've been very pleased with Christine Hoyt (CH Studios) so far.  She's not super cheap but I think in the general realm ($400 for side seams, cups, bustle, hem) and is very professional and knowledgeable.  I've heard other good reviews for her as well.  She's pretty old school (website is crappy) but I'm really glad I found her!
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    I have a hunch old-school might be a great quality in a seamstress...
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    I would recommend Needle Me Knot in Denver. She's located on South Gaylord Street and Manoush was amazing. I've only been for my first appointment, but I have other friends that did their fittings with her and she's been awesome to work with. Very professional, and nice to work with so far. I'm not sure on her pricing since I'm only getting cups inserted to my bodice and it taken in on the sides, but definitely check her out if you're still looking!
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