Sharing a review of Posh Pastries (Parker, Colorado)

     Three weeks ago a cake taste testing was set up with Posh Pastries in Parker Colorado (2011 The Knot Bakery winner).  We were greeted by a sweet and kind cashier and told the owner nor any consultant was in that day, but she could help.  The young cashier brought out three cakes for us to taste.  Before tasting, she "warned" us that the cakes were still in a cold state and therefore may be hard but that in a few hours they should be ready.  Two of the three requested flavors were provided while the last one was not.  From that point, she responded "if you have questions please ask" and then proceeded to walked away to mind the store.  No assistance nor guidance was provided.  We sat there guessing what type of cream and cake was used while also wondering where the thrid flavor was.  Once freed, the cashier was unable to answer most of our questions and attempted to call the owner.  With no success she referred us to re-schedule with the owner who would provide a consultation.  My fiance and I left thinking "Why would you serve cold cakes to potential clients who will be spending over $500-$800?  Why would you make the wrong flavored cakes? Why are your personnel not more informed? All businesses should always remember the phrase "first impressions"."  After a few hours we re-tasted the cakes at home and they were great.
    A few days after that poor experience yet because the cakes tasted good (at home), we decided to scheduled a consultation with the owner.  Fast forward to today, we waited 15 minutes only to be greeted by the same cashier.  The cashier comes to the table with the testing cake and responds "if you have questions please ask".  I responded "Where is Hillary (the owner)? We have a consultation with her today scheduled three weeks ago."  The cashier informs us that the owner decided not to show up (only to take her daughter to a birthday party instead) but that she could help us.  After explaining to the cashier our prior poor experience of cold served cakes, wrong flavors, and limited assistance, the cashier explained that they were too busy and that she was also the baker but that she would call the owner.  Unsurprisely, the owner was unavailable.  Roughly an hour later, we received a voicemail call from the owner who left a defensive and deflective message that her staff could have handled the consultation and she didn't understand what "our" problem was.  She, as the business owner, took zero accountability and ownership of her failed business decisions.  
   We have decided not to do business with Posh Pastries.

Re: Sharing a review of Posh Pastries (Parker, Colorado)

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    Sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you find a company that treats you will a little more respect. 
    Visit The Nest! Visit The Nest!
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    If you are looking for great service and amazing cakes I would go down to Loveland to Schmidts bakery. Helen is amazing and listened to everything I had to say and looked at the pictures I brought and came up with a great design. They do deliver to Denver area as well.
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