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Hey there!  Saw you are having your reception at the Forney.  My fiance and I are having a brunch reception at a similiar location, the Cussler Museum.  I am curious as to what kind of decorations you'll be having at the Forney?

Thanks for your help!  And Congrats to you!!!!


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    Hi Wyndi,

    Congratulations to you too! I hadn't heard of the Cussler Museum - I just looked at the website and it looks like so much fun! I may have to plan a visit!

    I'm not doing too much to deorate the room; I really put my focus on the table decorations. We found a bunch of old cars, planes, trucks etc. between ebay and Ross. They range in size, but are mostly between 10 - 12" in length and have space for flowers or other decorations in them. Some of the antique ones I found on ebay are actually planters which will work really well.

    Then I found a kid on Craig's list who wanted to get rid of his hot wheels collection so he could buy an ipod. :) I bought 80 hot wheels from him and plan to put one at each person's place at the table. I was originally going to try to put names on them and use them as the place cards, but I gave up on that idea. LOL - more work than I really wanted to put into it. So, people will have cars to play with at the tables.

    For the escort cards, I decided to use a single board instead. I used chalkboard paint and will use a white marker to make it look like an old train schedule. Welcome to Browning Station at the top. Underneath that I'm going to have the dots (representing stations) with lines between them and will label the "stations" with all the table names. And then have everyone's names listed below in alpha order with their intended table destination beside it. I really hope it comes out as cute on the board as it is in my head!

    I hope that helps! Good luck in your planning; I'd love to hear what you come up with!

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    Oh wow!!  Great ideas!!!!  My FI is a hot wheel collector.  We talked about using the "duplicates" from his collection and using them either as place cards or putting them in the OOT bags for fun.  Who knows what we'll end up doing with them. 

    Good to hear you're focusing on the tables instead of the overall space.  The Cussler has more of a "garage" feeling to it that kind of worries me but I think the cars themselves will be enough of a distraction.

    Can't wait to see your pictures!!!  Good luck!!

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