Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge, CO reviews: food, service, etc.

Hello, we are getting married next summer at Ten Mile Station. Requesting ALL opinions on the quality of food (since they don't allow taste testings), quality of service from the staff, and if you got any outrageous unforseen charges after your wedding day! Also, let me know how your overall experience was! Brides, grooms, guests, anybody please respond! :)

Re: Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge, CO reviews: food, service, etc.

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    There are a few girls on the nest who have been married at Ten Mile Station.  You might want to page KariMichael over on the Colorad Nest board & see if she can give you any feedback :)  Good luck!
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    Thank you!! :)
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    I was MOH in a wedding there last year.  I thought I remember hearing that they went to a tasting.  Are you sure tTen Mile doesn't do them maybe at only certain times? 

    Anyway, I remember the food being just ok, not necessarily memorable compared to other weddings I've been to/in.  I had the steak and it was rare to medium rare (which I personally don't like).  And the chicken was bone in (if I remember correctly).  When the wedding party was served, the food wasn't very warm. But it still tasted fine.

    As for the staff/charges, I remember there was an upcharge to bring a cake in and have them cut it (which is fairly normal for venues).  The captain told my bride she could take the leftover cake if there was any (in which there was) but when the time came to leave, the leftover cake mysteriously disappeared.  Not a big deal to me, but I remember my friend was crushed b/c she wanted to save some of her cake, plus they paid a lot for it and wanted to keep it.  Seemed sketchy.

    I also remember the captain telling her we could go back the next day to clean up (we DIYd centerpieces, etc).  But around 10pm or so, the captain on duty told us we had to clean up that night.  There was just the younger crowd by the time the reception was over and we all pitched in and helped out.  My friend was in tears over that as well b/c she just wanted to get back to the hotel and noone had cars up the mtn.  Guests has to go back down the hill in shuttles, grab cars, drive back up the mtn, load them and then head back down.  Big hassle.

    As a WP member/guest, I had no issues w/ them personally, but if I were my friend and it was my wedding, I probably would've flipped my lid.


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    Thank you for yor feedback! They actually do not participate in food tastings, only walk throughs with the catering manager a few months prior to your wedding to plan the time, menu, and extra details That's why we're so nervous! The cake cutting fee is ridiculous so we are going with cupcakes. I have also heard from several brides that I must be persistent in making sure the bartenders do not have tip jars out. I know it makes the guest uncomfortable and why should they have to tip? That's included in our contract. Hopefully the new catering manager Kelly is much better and more organized than the nightmare stories we have heard.

    We hired a wedding planner who is also a friend to take care of the breakdown after the reception, I'm just a little concerned that they will surprise us with "everything has to be gone by the end of the reception" crap! We plan to hire rafting shuttles which wasn't too expensive to bring guest and drop them off so that they don't have to walk up and down the mtn.
    I had heard about the "cake disappearing" incident and confronted the catering manager, and she promised that it would not be an issue! Let's hope so!
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    I just wanted to check in to see if you've had your wedding at Ten Mile this summer? I've read everyone's comments and really appreciate them. We're looking at the venue for summer '12 and again, appreciate any feedback/food reviews.
    Best of luck!
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    We are also looking at Ten Miles for a reception in 2012.  Any feedback is appreciated! 
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    Hi ladies!!

    We had our wedding and it was beautiful. Food was exceptional and the staff (Kelly) was great to work with. Only hiccup for the entire event was we requested no tip jar at the bar, since the service staff was already compensated in our package and felt it was disrespectful for guests to tip at an open bar. The bartender had placed cash on the bar and left it there - I had to personally ask her to remove her cash and keep it away from the bar. Second issue - we were promised that shots were not allowed in the venue. Period. We knew that if guests had the option of obtaining shots our bar tab could get out of hand. We were promised that this would not be an issue since shots were not allowed. Lies. Not only did the bartender pour shots, we have photographs of guests taking shots in front of her bar. She told our guests that if she added a "few" ice cubes, that they could take them as shots. We got a bill of $900 after the wedding all from alcohol which we are refuting. Third - we had 4 guests cancel last minute and we didn't get our money back since we were within the 2 week final count. Fine. Why did they run out of steaks for guests then? Not only was a guest denied their requested entree, they sent us a final bill without making the changes to the entree count. We had to bring it to their attention.

    Food was excellent. Be sure to have an updated menu selection and price list. Servers were great. Request an honest bartender. Fresh Tracks transportation was very helpful in getting guests to and from the venue. Roughly $12 a person.

    All in all, we had an amazing day and a venue like Ten Mile can not be matched.
    Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help!
  • Hello!  Do you know if the lift runs during September?  I was hoping to allow my guests to use the chairlift but it sounds like it isn't always running if people are hiring transportation.  
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