Putting the Deposit down this week!!!!!

This morning my FI wakes me up and say hey do you still wanna marry me. Me, being half asleep and a smart ass by nature, responded with I guess so, I have nothing else planned at the moment. Needless to say, I got about a second more of sleep before he tickled me awake. He looked at me again and asked me again if I still wanted to marry him. I smiled and said of course, why are you having second thoughts?
  He handed me some money and said well then let's go make a deposit for our venue. We've been saving for months and it's been hard but we finally got the last bit of money together. Hopefully we can get in before the end of the week and put it down. I'm so excited!!!!! It's this place up in Greeley, we went and saw it a couple months ago and have been putting what we can aside since then. Super excited!!! I think I even saw him do the happy dance.

Re: Putting the Deposit down this week!!!!!

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