Bachelorette Party ideas?

My MOH is amazing and is planning parties despite living in California. Here are some of her ideas for Bachelorette Party (if time/money weren't an issue). They all sound so fun - which one would you choose?

Fancy Vegas
NYC Weekend
Mellow East Coast Beach House
Local Philadelphia fun
Learning Karate
Winery Tour
Road trip
New Orleans
Active  (Hiking/Camping weekend get-away)
Adventure (Sky-diving followed by girly cocktails?)

What are some fun ideas have you heard for bachelorettes?
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Re: Bachelorette Party ideas?

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    All of those sound fun, but realistically it is hard to get a lot of participation with destination bachelorette parties. For mine everyone was gung-ho Vegas, Miami or NOLA but when it came time to actually do it everyone has an excuse. I could have just done the destination BP with a few girls but I think I am going to choose something local that everyone can do.

    I really wanted to do Miami or Puerto Rico. On your list above, Vegas.
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    jelybean - you have a really good point. I think 4 of the BM's would definitely be in, but the other 2, not sure. The only thing is that all of my BM's live in different areas. So whether it's hopping on a plane or driving 3 hours, it's going to take planning to get them all together. We'll see!
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    we went to New Orleans for my bachelorette party and had an absolute blast. but I was the first one out of our friends to get married, so everyone was pretty available (no husbands, kids etc). it was awesome, but maybe something local would be better. a winery sounds fun or skydiving. something still unique, but more doable. good luck!!
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    Love all of those.  We had thought about Key West but it was hard to get everyone to go.  We did a 3 hour pole dancing fitness party in Pittsburgh and had a blast so I'd add this to your list as an option.

    It's a tough call but I'd lean towards the winery or adventure.
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