Need Help - Indoor Photo Spot?

We're having a friend take a new picture of us for our STDs, but we can't figure out where to do it. It'll need to be indoors because we probably will have to do it during the evening. 
My initial thought was some type of stone or rock wall, or something else very "earth tone friendly."
Anywhere between Center City and Conshohocken would work well for us. 
Any suggestions would be super helpful!

Re: Need Help - Indoor Photo Spot?

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    This may not be the best suggestion, but how about some various bars/restaurants? For example, Urban Saloon in Fairmount has a great looking huge brick wall which would make for a cool background. You could also ask for the window seat at Tria which would be neat with the glass looking out to the street. And then you could go somewhere upscale with fabulous furniture like XIX. The other girls may have better suggestions, but these might be a good starting point for you.
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    Ditto J&P's idea on bars and restaraunts.  I've also seen people take pictures at Ikea and 30th Street Station.  We took some of our epics at Union Station in DC.

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    It's probably too far out in the suburbs for you but I've heard that Otts greenhouses in Collegeville will let you take pictures inside.  You mentioned a rock wall and they have a rock cave in one of their greenhouses with flowers and vines growing around it that would look great.  I don't know what is there now but they have interesting plants and animal topiaries there sometimes. 
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    Thanks all!
    We ended up going to 30th street station (Thanks PharmJen!), and I think they turned out really well. 

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