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I'm afraid I'm going to hate my dress :(

This is just something to get off my chest so no one has to respond. 

I'm having my dress made and I really think I'm going to hate it.  I went to the first fitting and it didn't look like anything special.  I have the second fitting  in april.  I had planned to lose some weight and tone up a bit and I haven't done that at all.

I chose satin for the dress not knowing that satin is a hot, heavy fabric and the dressmaker didn't even mention this to me.  What am I going to do if I totally hate my dress? 

OK, I' m done. 

Re: I'm afraid I'm going to hate my dress :(

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    I have a back up dress just in case.  I returned the dress I had that didn't fit over my hips and now I have to wait for them to get another one made. 
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    [QUOTE]I have a back up dress just in case.  I returned the dress I had that didn't fit over my hips and now I have to wait for them to get another one made. 
    Posted by cmhutchison22[/QUOTE]

    This was going to be my suggestion if you're really that concerned. Try some bridal consignment shops for an alternative
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    Hugs!  I am sorry you are worrying about this!  I agree...having a back up may be the best bet.
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    I am sorry you are going through this.  I would be definitely looking around at places you could buy off the rack from at this point as a back up.

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    I hear you. I'm afraid that I'll hate my dress as well, and I wish I had picked something simpler. I'm just trying not to worry about it and stick with what I got. 
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    oh no! I am so sorry girl....did you give your designer any type of inspiration pic, fun details she could add to the dress to make it more special, something like that? This designer wouldn't want you walking away unhappy - talk to her about your concerns and make sure the dress is going in a direction that you want it to!!!

    If she isn't able to make it better....the consignment idea is a great one. Even checking out the dresses that you can buy off the racks would be a great choice! the store where I bought my dress had about 4 racks of really, really nice dresses that you could buy and take home that day! it was just a matter of luck to find one that was your size.  they had lots that were really small, and lots that were really big, and just a handful of the more in between and average sizes. So I would go to as many bridal stores as possible to check out every single dress they have off the rack! You could perhaps even talk a store in to selling you one of their samples if you are close to the sample size anywhere (I found that samples at the boutiques I went to were anywhere between 8s and 12s).  

    good luck!!! hugs!
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    Oh and PS lots of times the dresses that are sold "off the rack" are marked down A LOT. some of the dresses on the racks that I was looking at were originally 2000+ but were marked down to $500 and under. So you could potentially get a great deal! 
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    I would start looking for another dress and then try to sell that one.  I believe every girl should feel like a princess on their wedding day.  If you don't like your dress it will show in your pictures. 
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    Thanks everyone :) With what my mother and I paid I can't picture (or really afford to) buying a back-up dress.  Omg, my mother would KILL me.  I guess I'll have to wait till april/may to see. 
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