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Instructions for changing your name?

Hi ladies!  It's been a while since I've been on here, but it's time that I change my name, and I am completely clueless...  I know there have been a million posts on this, but I can't seem to find any with explicit instructions on what to do.  Does anyone have a good website I can use as a reference?


Re: Instructions for changing your name?

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    I think there is something on the knot somewhere.  Start by going to the SS office.  After that you'll get your card in a couple weeks then you can go to the DMV.  Those are the major ones.  I just called all my credit card companies, mortgage, bills, etc.  Most allowed me to make the change over the phone.
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    I went to the DMV and SS  with just my marriage license. It didn't matter where I went first in Philadelphia. DMV on Columbus Blvs then SS office on Broad Street. 

    I switched banks with my new ID and marriage license. Still have to do credit cards.

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    Nicole, I beg to differ.

    My FSIL could not change her driver's license until her SS was switched.  Maybe states differ, but in Delaware you must change SS first.
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    I second Recovering Actor. I live in DE and I cannot get my new license until I had my SS card switched.

    I started with SS. I switched that and then I called all of my cc companies customer service numbers, all switched them over the phone and mailed out a new card for me. I still need to do my DL, bank account (need to go to the customer service with your marriage license), car registration and car loan..
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    well this is the PA board :)
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    In pa, I had to have my SS card before I could change my licence. I think I went from the SS office straight to the DMV though, and then contacted all of the rest of my bills over the phone. I don't recall changing any bank accounts though; I think they stayed under my maiden name.
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    I think this literally varies by the person you get at the DMV, at least in PA.  I took my original marriage license with me (a certified copy with  raised seal works too) and changed my license, then went to SS the next day or so for that.  Everything else came gradually and wans't hard after that.  Some places, like my credit carc ompany, student loan company, etc. wanted a faxed copy of the marriage license, though.
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    Thanks guys!  You're the best!
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