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What is your beverage of choice this evening?


Re: What is your beverage of choice this evening?

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    That sounds sooo good Michelle! We have a lot of cherry beers here in the summer we have a ton of cherry orchards here, maybe I will have to try that.
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    Michelle, great minds! There's a Blue Point Blueberry which is good too.
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    Eliz77Eliz77 member
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    This may have been from last night but...

    Right now, I am drinking Gray Goose with sprite, lime and a splash of cranberry juice. I'm big vodka girl. LOVE my dirty martinis and my latest fave is cucumber vodka, but ONLY Effen Cucumber.

    I don't mind beer. I like Stella, Blue Moon, Shocktop and Corona w/lime and salt. I do like Belgian beers best overall (Kwak, Ter Dolen) but I often forget it is more potent, drink like a fish, and really regret it the next day!!!
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