OMG I"M going to cry

First they started construction right outside my window at 630 this morning.
The church is right there too.  They didn't block off the parking for the limo yet and people are parked there .. hopefully they move in time.
We are doing pictures at Rita's (funny ones) because me, FI one GM 3 BM 2 readers, and 4 other people have worked at Rita's. and they cleaned the lot for me yesterday. there are construction trucks in there now, so I'm hoping that they do not get dirt everywhere.
I'm losing my voice ...
My make-up artist just emailed me and she can't come today ... she's a friend I used to work with but she found someone else, who I also know, but I'm so upset since my trial was with her and she done my make-up so much I know it will last the whole night.
I got my nails done yesterday and they are long enough. As if I wasn't disappointed enough, they did the gel thing without even asking they didn't do what I wanted .. there is a chip in it. My pedi is all messed up now. the color basically bled off when I took a shower 9 hours later.  So now I have to go there as soon as it opens, which is a half hour before I'm supposed to meet the florist ... so my mom has to do that.

Please help me stay positive ...

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Re: OMG I"M going to cry

  • luvdelilahluvdelilah member
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    Whoa deep breathe.  Everything will work itself out and the best thing you can do is try to relax.  Being stressed won't help anything.  I know that's easier said than done, but try!

    What's the deal with the make-up artist? I'm confused.  You hired her for your wedding and then she backed out? But she did find someone else?  

    Again everything is going to be fine.  Be happy - you're getting married today and that's what's important!
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    I used to work at Ulta and the make up artist took the day off to do my makeup and the mom's and my grandma's.  They called her in today and she has no choice but to go in because of problems they are having.
    She did get another make-up artist to come. I do know this girl but she has only done my make up once when I worked there and we were bored. I'm glad I know the person, but I'm nervous because she didn't see what we did or anything.
    I'm sure it will be fine, but it wasn't the message I wanted to get this morning.

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    i am so so so sorry you are having troubles this morning. But at the end of the day, you are marrying your best friend!  Take lots of deep breaths, and don't cry girlie, that will not solve anything. I don't really know what else to say here. Everything will work out!! xoxox *HUGS* Have a GREAT TIME tonight!! Breathe!
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    Just breathe.  Your day will still be wonderful.  We'll all be thinking of you today and hope everything gets better.

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    ugh. Sorry you have to deal with. Just take a deep breath and do what you got to do.
    Regardless of the morning glitches, I am sure your day will be wonderful. Try to enjoy yourself even in the mist of this craziness, and remember what's today is all about!
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    I promise you all of this won't matter when yo uare walking down the isle. We had all sorts of vendors call saying they weren't sure if they could make it/send replacements MAYBE, we had so many relatives call and say sorry can't come, to the point my mom turned off her phone and threw it and it broke. NONE of it matters when you are in the moment. As much as we plan, try to remember what the day is about, and that the little thigns don't matter ( stupid flowers, string quartet possibly not showing up, constant things going wrong). The things you will remember from the day, may be this for a little bit, but it's not what will stick. You are getting MARRIED, and nothing else matters!
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    Dont worry!!!!!!!!!!!   These are all little things in the grand scheme of it all :)  Trust me!  and it really does all make for a good laugh after.  Make it funny - get your photos taken WITH the construction workers at ritas!  DH almost got his car towed by a cop the morning of and the photog took pictures of the cop joking around almost handcuffing him, just try to make light of every single thing that will go wrong.. in the end, you will be married and happy - trust me!  This is coming from the girl who's husband passed out cold on the altar for a full 5 minutes and then the limo bus broke down and left us stranded in the city for an hour, it's okay!! :)
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    Aww, take deep breaths!! Everything will work out beautifully!! You have a gorgeous day for a wedding, just go with the flow and enjoy!! :-)
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