Last minute advice?

My SIL's bachelorette is Friday. She essentially planned it herself. (She preferred it that way). We're having dinner/drinks, out to bars, and hang out at her house after.

Anyway - other than the fact she's marrying my brother,I don't know her well. I've met the other girls in the bridal party 2-3 times and have never met her friends. I was planning to join for dinner and a cocktail and then head home. I've reached out to the MOH to see what they have planned for her and she told me "I have no idea" - that she didn't get any decorations, fun things for her, hasn't thought about bars to go to, etc.

I feel like someone needs to step up and do something. I plan to bake cupcakes, make cute cocktails, and bring some fun favors for everyone. But now I feel like it's my responsibility to hang for the night and show her a good time. I don't want to take over MOH/her friends roles. Any suggestions?
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Re: Last minute advice?

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    Hm.  I understand the not wanted to step on anyone's toes...  with not knowing what's going on, it's going to be hard for you to do something I think.  Does the MOH not know anything because your SIL did all the work? 

    I would maybe bring the cupcakes, but I wouldn't worry about much else.  There might be a reason that no one knows what's going on.  Maybe have a backup plan in your head just in case, but I wouldn't jump in guns blazing. 

    This is so backwards for me, because my girls wouldn't tell me ANYTHING.  They kept everything a surprise. I honestly would have liked to know at least where we were going so I would know what to wear. 

    Let us know how it goes!
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    RA- I know, weird right?! Any other wedding I've been in the BM's planned it. My SIL (and I don't mean this in a bad way) likes to be in charge and told us to disregard our plans, that she was going to organize it.

    I just feel like the bride shouldn't have to do any of the work, WE should be the one making her feel special. Hm. I guess I will just make some treats and have a back-up plan just in case.
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