Can't find a DJ

So, my FI and I have been looking everywhere for a DJ and can't find anyone who suits us! FI and I are both big country music fans, which is making everything very difficult. While we understand that not all of our guests are country fans, we would still like a decent amount played. We need someone who knows country music that is being played on the radio now so they don't play crazy hick music and knows the usual music on the radio (Q102, 96.5, etc) since we have no idea what is being played on popular stations!

Does anyone know of any DJs in the Delaware County area that we could look into?

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    i wonder if it would help to write a list of all the country music you want and tell the dj about the list and then also tel him your other requirements?
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    We have thought about that. If we absolutely need to, we will... but we'd really rather not have to dictate every single country song that is played.
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    i suppose that would be quite annoying...

    we also like country but as my friends husband is being our dj for free i may just have to go the route i suggested
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    I feel like this is going to be difficult in Philadelphia.  
    I could be way wrong though, I sometimes live in a bubble.  
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    I would just give a dj a few country songs that would consitute your "must play" list and trust his or her judgement for the rest of the music. That is after all why you hire a dj and just don't turn the radio on right?

    That being said having gone to a wedding where the couple was really into one type of music that the rest of the guests were not into. It made for a not fun night for the guests. The bride and groom were immensly happy and danced the night away. They were the only ones on the dance floor. I mean good for them and if you don't mind that happening go for it. But like I said maybe just pick a few must plays and then just let the dj play what will keep everyone entertained.

    In our case FI exclusively listens to classic rock. There will be a few songs we will ask the band to make sure they play but other than that I will trust their judgement to play music everyone will like. They have been to way more weddings than I have and know how to get a crowd going. It is more important to us that everyone be partying on the dance floor all night then to have to hear all of our favorite music.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. We finally settled on our dj, Bill Bowen, (he's out of MD) because so many people had raved about him. He does popular music as well as country, which was good for us because we wanted a decent mix. Most of our guests do listen to country though, so it shouldn't be that big of an issue.

    I can list two others, but I don't have their contact info at work with me. Shirley Mackie is one of them- she actually teaches country line dancing and couples dancing. The other is BK Karaoke. He does more than just Karaoke. I swear. Great guy, doesn't charge a ridiculous amount, and plays a majority country, but also plays at a local dive bar so he knows/has/plays more popular music too.
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    We are using East Coast Event Group- I have heard nothing but good things! They told us that they accept play lists and do not play lists :)
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    Our DJ is 4MostSound and when I met with him he does a great job of figuring out what the Bride and Groom want and playing it. We are your typical couple who loves popular music, but  he told me he had a wedding where they liked a type of punk music, he researched punk music so he could get himself better acquainted with the style and be able to find great music for their wedding, needless to say they were thrilled and gave hiim a huge positive feedback on his website!

    I would check him out, if he can do punk he can def do country ;)
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    thank you for your suggestions! i will definitely look into these and hopefully one will wokr for us!
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    have you looked at Craig- owner of Circle of Sound?
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    Jilly --

    Jason at Synergetics likes country music -- maybe check with a few different places and see if any of their DJs like country music? Then the would be familiar and would be able to mix it in easily.
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    We went with 4MostSound, too!  He seems really awesome...if you give him a list of the country songs you want played, but then ask him to handle the rest, I am sure he'll be able to do that.  And if he doesn't have the songs you want played, he will go buy them at no additional charge to you. 
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    Thanks. We ended up going with 4mostsound thanks to suggestions from you! They seem really wonderful.
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