Les Mis was on TV last night. MP commented yuck. I thought of you :-)

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    I think somewhere.... there is video of him playing Enjolras in high school (that's the Do You Hear The People Sing guy).  I should talk to his sister to see if she has that blackmail still. 

    Was it the crappy Les Miz starring Nick Jonas as Marius?  Because that's just plain wrong.
    Paprika: I like it when you burp in my ear. It really turns me on.

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    HAHAHAHA I don't know who was playing him, but I've seen the costume he had to wear in HS, and forced him to put it on when I was at his mom's one time. Hysterical. I'd DIE to see that video!

    I don't know what Nick Jonas looks like to say if it was him or not. It was on PBS haha.
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