This is why you buy travel insurance...

Yesterday we paid the final balance due on our honeymoon, we're going to Secrets Maroma Beach in Riveria Maya.  Last night, after we paid our balance, I checked a couple travel sites to see what the prices and they dropped majorly.  We had our TA cancel our trip and rebook at the new rates.  We used AMEX points to pay for part of airfare bc we forgot about the first time around, and ended up saving $2,300!!! I thought we would need the insurance but i'm sure glad we made the $120 investment

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Re: This is why you buy travel insurance...

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    Glad you were able to save that much money! We did a Sandals location and if the price dropped, we were guaranteed to get it, which was nice.
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    I have many many real life examples of why you should buy travel insurance.

    -My grandmom died and my aunt was going on a cruise the next day.  No insurance went on the cruise pushed the funeral back 2 weeks.
    -Lost luggage
    -It was my health insurance while in Aus, I went to the Dr several times.  Your health insurance will not cover you in a different country.
    -An airline goes out of business. 
    -Your flights are late, FI got a huge amount back when he got stuck in Spain a few years ago.  On top of the night in the hotel paid by the airline.  
    -A volcano eruption knocked out the air space of all of Europe.  
    Honestly who would have ever thought the last one would happen and how long that would go one?  We had people out of work, including the headmistress for up to 3 and a half weeks!

    I say buy it!  We paid something like 90 pounds for unlimited travel for a year worldwide.  It was more becuase we go to the US, due to our healthcare system, or lack there of, it's more expensive to get travel insurance when traveling to the US.  
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    Hi hello hi.... volcanic ash RIGHT HERE.  I got stuck in Ireland for an additional 3 days because of that ash cloud!!  I did have travel insurance, but I didn't have to actually use it because the airline took care of me, and I wasn't staying at a hotel, I was staying at a friend's place, but STILL.
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    I agree, always get travel insurance!

    We booked a trip to visit DH's bro in CO a couple of years ago but 2 days before our trip, his grandfather passed away.  We wound up canceling our trip and fortunately had the insurance b/c we knew there was a chance this would happen.  It was awful but at least we didn't lose all of our money on the trip.
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    WOW!!! Thats great! Congrats! and thanks for the tip ;)
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    I bought some for the HM to USVI at the end of this month.  Just in case we can't fly out due to weather, we'll be able to book another week there at another time and won't lose out our money.  The owners of the villa we are renting from won't refund any money so we'd really be SOL without it if we can't get there and lose the week. 
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