Groom's choice for Mother/Son Dance

I'm not sure why I'm writing this post but I guess it's to see if I'm overreacting.  My FH and I were talking about Mother/Daughter & Mother/Son dance songs a few months ago and the first thing out of his mouth was he wanted to dance to "Mother" by Pink Floyd.  He went to the Roger Waters concert this year and has been a big fan of Pink Floyd for years.  Of course my reaction was "absolutely not!".  I just don't think that song is appropriate for a wedding and given the lyrics, I don't think his mom would appreciate it either.  Everytime the subject is brought up we argue about it because I will be mortified if that song is played at the reception and I'm sure that a lot of others will be uncomfortable with it once they hear it being played.  I like Pink Floyd too, but I just don't think a song like that should ever be played at a wedding especially for something so special like a Mother/Son dance.  Any suggestions on how to handle this?  We are 6 months away from the wedding date but neither one of us seems to be changing their minds.

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  • That's a hard one.  I am not sure on advice for how to change his mind.  If there is no chance he is budging maybe you can suggest a different song for the mother and son dance when all eyes are on them and everyone is paying attention.  Then you can meet in the middle by agreeing that they can play the Pink Floyd song later in the night.  That way he can dance with his mom to the song he wants but less people are paying attention to. And if anyone says anything about the song you can just blame it on the band/dj :)  

    If you dont want it played at all my advice would be to fight him on something else he wants but you dont really care about.  Then you can "give in" my saying he can have that other thing if he will agree to choose another mother/son dance.  Good luck!
  • That's tough!
    You could try to not object the song and maybe if you play other songs he'll start to change his mind.
    It took us FOREVER to pick that song. Nothing seemed fitting enough for their relationship and each song on my list is very sentimental and has to be true to the lyrics.
    My FI has his song narrowed down to 2,
    #1 Jeff LeFevre & John DelBuono- Mother, I     or My Heart Is Full - A Song for Moms

    My Dad wants Darius Rucker- It wont be like this for long and I can't like that one at all!!


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  • My DH and his mom danced to A Song For My Son By Mikki Viereck. I hope you get this figured out!! 
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    [QUOTE]My DH and his mom danced to A Song For My Son By Mikki Viereck. I hope you get this figured out!! 
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    </div><div>My DH danced to this this song too. </div>
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