centerpiece advice...

i was hoping to do a basket with a bottle of wine, a stick somehow holding the table number, and a small sprig of flowers.
does anyone have any advice on how to keep the wine cold without the ice melting all over the table??

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    Maybe you could hide one of those reusable cold-packs you put in coolers in the bottom of the basket.
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    If it's red wine, you won't have to keep it cold. 

    The reusable ice packs is a good idea. Or put something inside of the basket that will hold ice, so when it does melt, it doesn't melt through the basket onto the table. 
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    great idea with the ice packs! thanks so much =)
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    maybe you could find wedding related wine chillers or put the number on top of these somehow
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    If you're not using the wine to drink during the reception, you don't even need it cold. Most (if not all) wines are sold on a shelf. Warm. If you never get them cold, it won't compromise the taste. If you are using it during the reception, i definitely agree with the icepacks.
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    thanks so much!
    i think weve decided that not drinking the wine is going to be our best bet. someone at the table can take it home =)
    were probably going to print up labels to put on the bottle and have a small white bud vase with a big colored flower. very simple but hopefully nice!!!
    trying to do alot ourselves, on the budget side of things!
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