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I have gotten a couple of questions about how things are going post surgery, but I wanted to wait until my 2 week post op appt.  Since I had that on Friday last week, I figured an update is the logical next step.

For those who don't know), I have a condition called RSD/CRPS.  It's a pain disorder caused by damaged nerves (in my case, it's in my left leg/ankle/foot); you can Wikipedia it, and it's pretty accurate.  It's a workman's comp injury.  I was initially approved for a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant back in 2008, and had the trial in Oct 2008  Unfortunately, my workman's comp decided to deny the permanent implant, and we had been fighting them for the past year and a half.  In Feburary 2010, we went to court for the ultimate decision on the surgery; we found out May 21st (my mom's birthday; the best birthday present she ever got, she claims) that I was approved!  I scheduled for the permanent implant and had surgery on July 19th.  Now, I have a 4 inch scar on my lower spine (epidural area), a 3.5 inch scar on my upper left butt, 2 leads with 16 electrodes in my epidural space, a battery in my left butt, and a host of gadgets to make it work/charge it.  I am also never allowed to go thru the security detectors again, including the airport (I have a little card I carry, since it can set them off/play with the settings of the stim; they have to pat me down instead-fun fun!).

Things are going beautifully.  I am still on restriction to drive for another 3.5-5 weeks, and I can't go swimming until next week (baths in my own bathtub are okay; I have a loose internal stitch poking out that they want to be extra careful about).  The dr used internal sutures and dermabond (the glue that goes on the outside.  Everything is pretty much healed, and the Dermabond has come off my spinal scar completely.  It's just now starting to work its way off the scar on my left butt.

My pain med usage is down drastically; I only take oral meds at night now.  Now, granted, this isn't a cure, so there are days that my pain levels just can't be helped by the stim, and I have to take some oral pain meds.  But considering where I was, well, this is amazing!

It really hit me how helpful this is and how blessed I am now last Friday after my appt.  We got back, and mom and sister drug me to the mall, to Forever 21.  We walked the entire mall- and not only did I not use pain meds, I didn't need my cane at all (it was left in the car, just in case).  It finally hit me that in 6 weeks, my dream of walking down the aisle/dancing with my husband with no meds, no canes, no wheelchairs is going to come true.  And I am so incredibly thankful for that.  Not only that, but I am so incredibly thankful for my family, my friends, and my fiance- none of them have stopped fighting nor have they stopped believing that I would get this.  My FI has never known me "not sick"- and yet he sticks by my side faithfully and lovingly.  Some couples go through life and never have to go through anything like this; others go through it time and again.  Some make it every time, others break up after the first experience.  I am confident and have faith we will be able to make it through anything after this.

So, anyway, I owe you all a big thank you.  This  board and the DE board has been a life source for me- whether you know it or not.  The entire time I have been engaged and planning I have been sick, and this board has given me strength, hope, laughs and love.  So, thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, and keep being the awesome brides you all are!

PS- if you have any questions about my disease or treatment, feel free to ask.  I never hide my condition from anyone, because I never know who may be helped by it, or who may help others by it!

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