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invitation question: addressing inner envelopes

So, it's invitation time for a lot of us! I have to send our printer a list this week of how to address the inner envelopes. We have gone with her recommendation to use first names and keep it a little less formal. So here's the question:

Say you are inviting Tim and Beth; Tim is my brother and Beth is my sister-in-law. Who's name goes first? I always thought it was supposed to be the person you knew better, so it would be Tim and Beth. But for friends (like Dawn and Nick), does her name come first or his? My mom says we should put all the women's names first. but that doesn't sound right to me. Any ideas?!
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Re: invitation question: addressing inner envelopes

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    We're not doing inner envelopes...waste of extra paper.....

    However, I've looked a few different sites and they don't really mention who goes first.  I would still to the general rule that the man's goes first unless the woman is a Dr.
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    I would do the guys name first in the inner envelope.
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    ditto LM--no inner envelope for us for the paper waste reason.
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    We're not doing inner envelopes either but I would do the mans name first. 
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    We ARE doing inner envelopes as well, one things I lost to my mother about, anyways, I would do it in the same order as the outside envelope. For example for married couples, you would address it: Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, so I would do the inner envelope his name first. But if they are unmarried, apparently you address it alphabetically by last name, so I would do whoever's name came first on the outside, first on the inside.

    I'm glad you posted this as it will be our next project... I'm not positive about the inner envelope names but it makes sense to me. And, I got the addressing info. from research I have done so far... Good luck!
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