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Bridesmaid gift help

OK so I already bought each of my BM the following
Tote Bag
Embroidered beach towel
flip flips
vera Bradley change purse
bracelet for wedding day

Now I was thinking I would get them each something small that was just for them- For example my sister loves earings so I was going to get her some cute pairs FSIL loves starbucks so I was going to get her a gift card.  But then last night I was trolling around Etsy and saw the super cute waffle robes and now I am not sure what i want to do!  FI thinks the robe is too much since I already bought the towels..  Thoughts?? Suggestions??

Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Bridesmaid gift help

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    I love the robe idea, but I agree with your FI I think you've gotten them enough. It really depends on your budget, if you think you can afford it then do it, if not, I definitely think your gifts are really nice already. 
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    I think you've bought them enough! Robes are cute (I'm giving my girls robes) but I think with what you've already done, they'll already be really happy.

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    Yeah, that's a lot of stuff. 
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    I guess you ladies are right.  The bags just seem empty I dont know know why.  Maybe if I find something smaller I will add that but I wont do the robe!
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    I agree with pp's sounds like you bought them a lot already. But if you can afford the robes go for it!

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    Yeah, it sounds like you got them quite a bit already. It sounds like getting them something all small that's personal is important to you. Maybe you could write them each a nice card or make a photo/scrapbook picture frame type thing for each of them.
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    I am gifting my BMs hair and make up. $55 a pop and I have 7 BMS
    pregnancy calendar
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    maybe to make your bag seem more full, stuff it with fun-colored tissue paper?
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