Anyone else having or had their reception at Haverford College?

My dad and my fiance are both alums of Haverford College, so we're planning on having our wedding there in June. They have weddings there, but only during the summer, so because they're not really a wedding venue and are therefore not on any of the review sites, we were wondering if anyone else has used them or plans to use them.

Our wedding is in June, but we've been engaged for over a year now and started working with them to hammer out details of our catering proposal (we must use their in house caterer) last April. We still don't have a second draft (the first was terrible) despite many super polite reminder e-mails and them continuously pushing back self-defined deadlines.

Because of our relationship with the college (a great school! Don't get me wrong!) and the fact that they've hosted weddings before, we trusted that they could handle a simple wedding reception (we're seriously not asking for much), but it's been very difficult every step of the way.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with them.

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