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So I know a lot of girls on here are doing a charity donation in lieu of a favor. How do you know if it's a legit charity? I want to donate to a foundation where the money will go into research for either liver cancer or hepatitis C. My grandparents had Hep C from living in Vietnam and had liver cancer due to Hep C and utlimately died from the symptoms of liver cancer.  I found one place it's called but I wanted to make sure it's legit before I give them money.

I tried looking on and charitynavigator but I couldn't find Hep C Fund on there.

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    Maybe call a hospital, UPenn and see if they have research for HepC/ liver cancer so then it's going right to source and not to the machine so to speak.  
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    My uncle died of live cancer last year. He was in Jeff. They may know a charity you can donate to.
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    Guidestar and Charity Navigator are the gold standard for researching charities.   I'm not saying that charity isn't legit, but I personally don't give to charities not included in these watchdog websites.

    In addition to local hospitals, I'd also recommend Fox Chase Cancer Center or American Cancer Society.   We were going to donate to ACS for our wedding, but went with a lupus-related organization instead for FMIL.
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    Fox Chase, good call!
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    cara - I found the Hep C fund at guidestar does that mean it's okay to donate there?
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    Is there any information, financial details, reviews?   Have you checked out their website?  You can also call and talk to a development officer to see how they will use your donation and see what kind of a vibe you get.

    If you do call an organization, sometimes they have special wording or a logo they can provide to you if you want to use it on a card at the wedding.  I have a really cute silhouette of a bride and groom with a cat and a dog and some text that I send to couples who want to donate to us.
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    There's a company called Truffles for A Cause, they box up a nice truffle with a note about the charity the donation is going to, check their website, they have a list of charities they've dealt with.  I like it because it's a favor AND a donation. 
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    My husband and I donated to the Liver Foundation in honor of my brother and Gift of life foundation in honor of his brother.  Most of the major organizations would gladly provide you with little cards or other things letting people know that you made a donation in lieu of a party favor.  Everyone loved our idea and it touched them deeply.
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