Normandy Farm or Radnor Hotel

Help! I can't decide on a venue.  I like the character of the Normandy Farm and it is a bit cheaper per person.  However, it's a bit far from Downtown Philadelphia, the hotel rooms are pricery, and it has medicore food revues (the tasting is after booking the venue).  The Radnor Hotel is a little bit pricey however, has cheaper room rates and I like the location better.  Both offer similar package options. 

Has anyone been to a wedding at Normandy Farm?

Re: Normandy Farm or Radnor Hotel

  • i have been to a wedding at Normandy Farms, I loved the atmosphere.. it was awesome. the food.. i don't much remember it, but my fiance was against us going there b/c he remembers the food not being the best......
    but who's to say it hasn't changed, that was about  4-5 years ago....
  • I just went to a wedding there and didn't like the food. It's a shame because the location is beautiful.
  • I've actually been torn between the two as well!  We are actually going to probably go with Blue Bell Country Blub (right across from Normandy Farms and owned by the same people).   But, I was just at a wedding at Normandy Farms last summer and the food was EXCELLENT - my fiance and family all agreed.  My biggest problem with Normandy Farms was the price of the hotel rooms as well - they're pretty expensive. The Radnor Hotel seemed really nice too.  I've never been to a wedding there, but I wasn't thrilled with the ballroom - I guess I just like a more open feel.  I think either one would be an excellent choice though.
  • The Radnor is amazing.   You can not go wrong with that venue.  The outdoor gardens are beautiful and thier wedding staff is terrific.  Also, the food is AWESOME!!!
  • Normandy Farm, but only if you're going with the 'big' room.
  • What did u decide? I was looking at radnor too but went with Normandy :
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    [QUOTE]What did u decide? I was looking at radnor too but went with Normandy :
    Posted by Sassyveil[/QUOTE]

    I decided to go with Radnor. It was a tough decision but I decided that Normandy was a bit to far.
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