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Two years until wedding and already feeling overwhelmed

Its crazy how I start paying for vendors and my job decided to cut on hours! Should I just cut my wedding budget or see what happens?

Re: Two years until wedding and already feeling overwhelmed

  • Maybe consider your pay cut % and what amount the wedding budget would be affected if you cut it that percentage too- would it make sense? I have no idea!!
  • Do your vendors require payments and are they set? I would just keep paying them and hope for the best. I hope they aren't demanding a set $ amount from you already. If you can skip paying them when moneys tight, I'd keep everything set.

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  • Sit down, work out your budget based on the cuts. Then pick up something part time, even if it's babysitting it can really add to your budget or pay for those extras. Or consider talking to your venue or vendors and seeing if they'll cut you a deal if you, maybe they need someone to do some billing or 'whatever.' Best of luck! I understand being overwhelmed when all of a sudden your income gets cut!
  • Ok ladies, so my church does not do weddings on Saturdays and chapels are so expensive for the amount of people we are having. What can I do as far as a ceremony now that I cut my budget? Please, I need some advise!
  • I just need to know... I only have three bridesmaids because the other three were going to be busy  that year and I don't have many friends to depend on so will this make my wedding party really small and boring looking?

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